About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a highly professional yet warm and welcoming environment, where each client is recognized and treated as an individual. Our goal is to help our clients be pain-free naturally avoiding invasive measures and restoring function to maintain a satisfying lifestyle. We aim to optimize each client’s functionality by developing a plan that addresses their goals, whether it be restoring walking after a hip replacement or working to achieve those bucket list goals like climbing Half Dome or Machu Picchu. We love keeping "baby boomers" active pursuing vigorous active retirement.

Our goal at Sebastopol Physical Therapy is also to assist you, not only in managing a healing crisis, but in maintaining your function and enjoying a naturally pain-free life. We believe in the power of the body to heal and know that it is possible to facilitate natural healing through self care and maintenance. Through our REVITALIZE program, we offer modalities for pain relief and stimulation of the healing process. We also offer self care education for a home program and prevention of re-injury.


Our two-story facility on the corner of Highway 12 and Pleasant Hill Avenue Northis home to Sebastopol Physical Therapy.

Sebastopol Physical Therapy is located on the first floor and has 3 private treatment rooms, a downstairs gym area full of tools to assist in your rehab program. These include balls, rollers, stretch band, free weights and Pilates apparatus and many other tools that allow us to choose the exercises that are the best fit for each client.

We also offer Light Force Laser, Kinesio Taping and Target Therapies including therapeutic massage and cupping to assist you in your self-care needs.

For complex physical conditions and/or chronic injury, a Physical Therapy Evaluation may be required before starting you Pilates Instruction