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I can now walk uphill and on level ground without limping in pain from my left knee!! The knots and pains are relieved in both legs. I have a regime which I will continue to follow (i.e., stretching and massaging both legs and strengthening the muscles surrounding my knees).

Patricia C.

I had a sudden severe onset of hip and low back pain and was referred to Sebastopol PT. First I worked with Steve, the therapist who was very helpful with massage and gentle movement exercises. Ofelia, the aide, set me up with wonderful heat and electrical stim treatment. These treatments eased the pain and loosened the muscles. Then, I worked with Ann to fine tune my exercises and use proper form. Now, I am pain-free and have a foundation for a daily program to use at home. All the staff including Megan the receptionist, have been very friendly and helpful.

Sarah S.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only could the pain in my neck go away, but also it could go away with such ease and speed. Having been to several PT groups, I had assumed the drill was - learn the exercises you needed to do, do them, and then be told the reason you still hurt is that you didn’t do the exercises right or enough.

That’s not how it went at Sebastopol Physical Therapy. It was a real collaboration with a lot of patient feedback and a lot of angles explored. I figured that this stabbing neck pain was just my lot in life, but it turns out because of the expert knowledge and kind treatment afforded me, my lot transformed!

Many thanks for all the help and encouragement. You couldn’t find a better place to spend time fixing yourself than Sebastopol Physical Therapy!

Mary D.

I had a hip replacement in December. I came to Sebastopol Physical Therapy and they did a GREAT job for me. I was very happy with my recovery and the staff was wonderful. Thank you all again! I hope I don't need you very soon. But if I need PT...I will definitely come back.

Kenneth P.

I would like to thank all of you who assisted in the recovery of my body muscle function. I received much benefit from the manipulation of muscle and tissue and feel better than I have in the past 25 years.

Mike L.

I had diffculty going up and down stairs: now I can do this normally.

Felt ungrounded, slightly unstable in legs: now feel them firmly.

Especially notice now that my hips are flexible and generating my walking: before hips were not doing their mobility job.

Ann was terrific! I especially appreciated her body work and careful attention and care.

Caverly W.

I came to Sebastopol Physical Therapy complaining of low back pain, numbness and tingling due to an extruded lower disc. Climbing Stairs, putting on shoes & reaching the floor was very uncomfortable. After 12 weeks, I am vastly improved, pain free, more flexible and stronger overall. I definitely recommend SPT & their wonderful staff to all. Special thanks to Steve and Misty for all their TLC.

SPT is a great facility; clean, comfortable with personable staff and modern equipment. I am well satisfied with my therapy and highly recommend it to everyone.

René P. (January 2019)

Having had 3 surgeries on my left knee, when my knee swelled painfully, I anticipated the same. Steve Lovett examined me and had Misty Black treat my knee with massage and manipulation. Misty taped my knee into position before I left my treatments. She also retrained me to step differently, changing my gait. After a month of these treatments, I was again able to hike as far as before with pain or problems. After almost 2 years, the problem remains solved.

Fred P. (January 2019)

I tore my rotator cuff. SPT worked with me to ease my pain and strengthen my muscles. Wonderful place, great people.

Nomi K. (January 2019)

I've been going to SPT on and off for a few years now between different needs I've had. I can't say enough about the therapy I've received AND how much their therapists care for their patients. I've been there for rehab after two knee surgeries, of which one was a total replacement. I was dealing with "special circumstances" based on the extensive work that was done and all that needed to be addressed in my leg due to scar tissue and extreme shrinkage of muscles, tendons and ligaments that was caused by the position of my knee cap. My therapist, Misty Black, worked with me tirelessly and never gave up on me. We got on the road to a healthier knee and one with improved range of motion and function.

I recently decided to take up Pilates as I had areas of concern where I lack strength. I am so fortunate that Misty will also be my Pilates instructor and coach. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and can address exactly what I need to be doing, something I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I am already experiencing greater ability to do everyday functions as I become stronger. I feel that commitment to maintain our body strength has to be an ongoing way of life and we're rewarded for doing so.

Pam G. (January 2019)

"I just stopped walking with a cane!! My balance is much better. I love this place!!"


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