REVITALIZE Wellness Program

REVITALIZE Wellness Program


It is our goal at Sebastopol Physical Therapy to assist you not only in managing a healing crisis but in maintaining your function and enjoying a naturally pain-free life. We believe in the power of the body to heal and know that it is possible to facilitate natural healing through self-care and maintenance. We are offering the following services which are very effective in supporting the body’s natural abilities to heal and to assist you with your self-care and maintenance of optimal health.

Our approach to the REVITALIZE Wellness Program is to integrate various modalities to personalize treatment in a safe and healing space. Modalities include FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Manual Therapy, Cupping, etc. Our treatment is targeted to your areas of complaint.

Stretch Rx (Fascial Stretch Therapy)

A sequence of assisted, dynamic neuro-kinetic stretches that engage the entire myofascial system targeting muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Functional Nutrition — Our functional nutritional assessment involves using a comprehensive questionnaire to determine which systems of your body require additional supplemental or nutritional resources to function optimally, return your body back into a healthy equilibrium, and support healing.


Client Price
FST/ Manual Therapy (30 min.) $50.00
FST/ Manual Therapy (55 min.) $85.00
FST/ Manual Therapy (90 min.) $90.00
Taping/ Cupping $50.00
Functional Nutritional Assessment $150.00