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Self Care Menu

It is our goal at Sebastopol Physical Therapy to assist you not only in managing a healing crisis but in maintaining your function and enjoying a naturally pain-free life. We believe in the power of the body to heal and know that it is possible to facilitate natural healing through self care and maintenance. We are offering the following services which are very effective in supporting the body’s natural abilities to heal and to assist you with your self care and maintenance of optimal health.

Class IV Laser

Client Price
Single Treatment $50.00
4 Treatment Pkg $170.00
6 Treatment Pkg $240.00
12 Treatment Pkg $456.00
16 Treatment Pkg $560.00

One treatment is one body area. If wanting a second body area we charge 1/2 visit when performed during the same visit (i.e., One shoulder is one visit, both shoulders are 1-1/2 visits).

Client Price
Single 2 Tx $75.00
4 Treatment Pkg 2 Tx $255.00
6 Treatment Pkg 2 Tx $360.00
12 Treatment Pkg 2 Tx $684.00
16 Treatment Pkg 2 Tx $840.00

Independent Home Program Instruction (20 min.)

This service is provided to establish a 20-minute independent home program that will specifically addresses the clients needs. $50.00

Target Manual Therapy

Our approach to Target Manual Therapy is to integrate various modalities to personalize treatment in a safe and healing space. Modalities include Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point work, Myofacial Release, cupping etc. Our treatment is targeted to your areas of complaint.

Client Price
Neuromuscular Therapy (30 min.) $45.00
Neuromuscular Therapy (55 min.) $85.00
Kinesio Taping $35.00
Independent Home Program Instruction (30 min. visit)
This service is provided to establish a 20 minute independent home program that will specifically address the client’s individual needs.

Pilates Wellness Program

This program is designed to help the client who has completed a course of physical therapy and/or has a chronic problem that requires skilled guidance in order to avoid exacerbation of pain and assure safe progression of exercise. This is offered by using Pilates methods and apparatus in the physical therapy environment. The instruction/guidance is delivered by a skilled professional with the goal of preparing the client to eventually advance to independent exercise or participation in classes, etc.

One-on-One Pilates Instruction Client Price
45-minute Sessions $95.00/visit
6-visit Prepay Package $550.00