Pilates Rehab/Wellness

Pilates Rehab

Sebastopol Physical Therapy | Pilates Rehab | Wellness

Our physical therapy team often utilizes the Pilates apparatus and concepts while treating physical therapy patients as a part of their overall rehabilitation program.

This program is also perfect for individuals wanting to improve their overall fitness and core strength during recovery from an injury and/or illness. These program will allow the patient to progress safely and steadily while achieving their goals. The expertise of our therapists provides ongoing assessment of specific physical limitations assuring that the client progresses safely from their current condition to optimal function.

Post Rehab or Wellness Pilates

This program is designed to help the client who has completed a course of physical therapy and/or has a chronic problem that requires skilled guidance to avoid exacerbation of pain and assure safe progression of exercise. This is offered using Pilates methods and apparatus in the Physical Therapy environment. The instruction/guidance is delivered by a skilled professional with the goal of preparing the client to eventually advance to independent exercise program or participation in classes, etc.

One-on-One Pilates Instruction Client Price
45-minute Sessions $95.00/visit
6-visit Prepay Package $550.00

Patients can continue their Pilates Fitness program when their Physical Therapy Plan of Care is complete by choosing our Post Therapy one-on-one Pilates Sessions at Sebastopol Physical Therapy or by taking classes or individual sessions upstairs at Pilates Collective located on the second floor of our facility. We can also assist our patients in developing a home program utilizing simple devices such as rings, discs, stretch band, balls and rollers.

Please go to Pilates Collective Website at www.pilatescollective.com for more information.

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

- Joseph Pilates